Off to Lapland

Ways of Lapland is at home in beautiful Lapland / Västerbotten.


The closest airports are:
  1. Lycksele ( LYC) ca 110km
  2. Arvidsjaur (AJR) ca 140 km

Both airports are easily accessible via a stopover in Stockholm Arlanda (ARN).


In winter Arvidsjaur Airport can also take a direct flight from various cities in Germany

(Munich, Stuttgart, Hanover and Frankfurt).


These flights are offered by the airline Fly-car. However, they can only be booked on certain dates.


Sweden can be easily reached by car with various ferry connections from Germany, Denmark and Poland and via the famous Öresund Bridge.


Ways of Lapland is on the inland road E45 and almost exactly between the towns of Storuman and Sorsle.

The route via the E45 is the nicer route, but the coastal route E4 via Stockholm is the faster option.




östra Sandsjö 142

92492 Blattnicksele

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.